Impatient for Patience

Several months ago, I came across this article about patience and it struck me at that time – so much so that I read it every day for about a week, and kept a copy of it handy on my computer desktop. It’s a quickie and I highly recommend the quick read.

Recently, it has been calling me again, and I have also been sharing it with some friends. To me, this speaks about the productivity that exists in patience and important and powerful movement that occurs in the stillness we call “waiting.” Perhaps we don’t always need to be doing, doing, doing to be productive and to be contributing to our goals. Each of us is unique and we process information differently and move at different paces and in different ways.

I’ve come across people throughout my life about whom I have made a judgement that goes something like this… “Wow – they sure pack a lot into each day and have accomplished – and are accomplishing – so much with their lives!” Followed quickly by a self-judgement that goes something like this… “What’s wrong with me? what the heck have I been doing with my life? Why have I not accomplished more? Why have I not yet completed x, y and z?”

What I think is interesting about this is, 1.) I wonder how those people I judge as ultra productive see themselves? Do they realize they are productive and I’m inspired by them, or do they think something completely different? 2.) Are they really that much more productive contributors than I am? Or do they just have a different way of contributing? Perhaps are we all contributing a whole lot and being equally productive but just in different ways? Offering what only we can uniquely contribute to our communities?

Lots of things to ponder as the mud settles! I’ve found this article offered me a new perspective on patience that is encouraging me to find more pleasure in patience, and to become a bit more patient in my pursuit of patience. I hope you enjoy it and it offers you something – I’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective!


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